Environmental, social and corporate governance!

Do you know what this represents?

We always talk about social responsibility and sustainability. These are factors that are part of our daily lives.

Currently, these concepts are represented by the acronym ESG, an acronym that in English refers to care for the environment, society and management transparency.

E (Environmental) Environmental: includes actions for the conservation of natural resources, waste management, energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gases and other practices to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment.

S (Social): involves ensuring a fair and inclusive work environment, with respect for diversity, human rights, health and safety of employees; care about community relations and other social impacts of an organization.

G (Governance) Governance: involves transparency, accountability, business ethics, management of the interests of members and the community, in addition to the way decision-making takes place. Good governance is fundamental to ensuring integrity and trust in the functioning of an organization.